How to Update Software Oppo phone Using Computer?

Situation: You want to have a software update on your OPPO phone using a computer.

Here are the steps to have the software update using your computer:

Before doing the update, please make sure that you have a good network connection and that you have backed up your phone.

1. Using a computer, visit website

2. Search for suitable firmware.

3. Read the software update information then click on [Download], then at the bottom left part of your browser will show the file and the time it needs to complete the download.

4. Once the download has been completed, click on [Show in folder] then look for the software update file.

5. Connect your phone to your computer, then choose [Transfer Files]. On your computer, a pop up will show then click on [Open device to view files].

6. Open the two folders on your computer, then drag the Software update file to the phone storage folder. Wait for it to finish transferring.

7. On your phone, go to [File Manager] > [Phone Manager] > then look for your device’s Software Package. Double-click on the file to download and wait for it to be done.